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What is “leadership”? Can a person be a good leader and a lousy manager?
Does a good leader require a cohesive team? Do cohesive teams just happen, or can a good leader actually create them?

Until recently most business texts, articles and programs about leadership were based on opinions, anecdotes, and personal observations. Thankfully, more systematic approaches have resulted in a clearer understanding of those behavioral traits that are common to nearly all good business leaders, including those behavioral traits that are most effective for specific leadership situations.

The study of business management has a much longer history than the study of business leadership, dating back to the industrial revolution. But as our culture, business models and business environment have evolved so has the effectiveness of the various management tools. For example, to achieve top performance, how should a manager change his or her coaching style to accommodate specific employees, each employee with a different behavioral type? How should a broadcast voicemail be delivered so that employees understand and embrace an unpopular change in business policy? Which communication venues (e.g., group meetings, e-mails, posted notices, voicemail, conference calls, etc.) are best for managing which business issues?

Some business owners and managers regard team building as a feel-good exercise, designed to create “happy” employees and a conflict-free workplace. In fact, team building is a way to facilitate a business’s operational efficiency, decision-making, focus, and creativity. Employee satisfaction is team building by-product. Furthermore, a functional team doesn’t avoid conflict. It uses conflict it to stimulate new ideas, flesh-out proposals, encourage rigorous analyses and, ultimately, make better decisions.

So whether your business needs a leadership “mentor” for a key employee, a customized coaching model for the sales managers, or a plan for creating a more functional corporate culture, Advanced Business Planning can help.

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