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All businesses are about making things and selling things, in one way or another. Yet each business is unique, with a unique set of challenges.  At Advanced Business Planning we love figuring out ways to overcome unique business challenges. The following are examples of projects right here in New Mexico that our Advanced Business Planning consultants have successfully addressed:

~ Wrote a 70-page Business Plan for a community college to solicit a $20 million investment by a transnational energy company

~ Completed a 1-day business research assignment and prepared a white paper for a Board of Directors

~ Provided a half day training session to teach non-accounting managers how to properly budget

~ Drafted and placed an ad for an job opening, screened and reviewed applicants, and selected two candidates for final selection by
   the company president

~ Prepared job descriptions for all employees within a business

~ Created and implemented a simple, customized sales model for an outside sales force of over 200 representatives

~ Designed and executed a process for establishing a new corporate culture within a recently reorganized pharmaceutical

If you are unsure about whether we have the expertise to successfully address your business project, just ask us. We guarantee a candid response. We would rather tell you “no” than underwhelm you with a mediocre deliverable. At Advanced Business Planning, integrity trumps ego.

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