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Most business managers can tell us what their employees do, but few can tell us whether their employee’s activities are aligned with the organization’s goals and with the realities of their business environment. This leads to indecisiveness, costly organizational inefficiencies, mis-allocations of company resources, and (ultimately) a dysfunctional corporate culture.

business planStrategic planning clarifies the organization’s overall purpose, the desired results, and how those results will be achieved. At Advanced Business Planning we take two different angles to the strategic planning process.

The classic approach (called “vision-based” or “goal-based” planning) first defines the results the organization wants to achieve – a clear vision of what the organization and its customers will look like at some point in the future. Then a plan is created to describe what the organization must do to achieve that vision. Vision- or goal-based planning works from the future to the present, and is best for a long term (e.g., 5 years) strategy.

The other angle we use is called “issues-based” planning, which works from the present to the future and captures the shorter term strategic issues. A Strategic Plan need not be lengthy or complex, but it must be clear and executable.

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