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“Advanced Business Planning’s Sr. Consultant, Larry Waggoner, acted as an unbiased third party negotiator for me last year. The transaction was to involve a valuation of assets and an analysis of past years’ performances. He prepared a re-cast income statement into an owner’s view of the business. Larry also prepared a price amortization over time, to be based on future performance of the company, with certain measurements of minimum results and incentives. Mr. Waggoner explained his analysis and conducted the negotiation in an informative, friendly manner, ensuring a mutually-beneficial agreement between seller and buyer, with both parties understanding their expectations and responsibilities.” Don Pfau, Owner, Radiant Heating Systems, Inc.

“Mr. Waggoner has served as our part-time CFO and member of our Sr. Management team for nine years. We have grown from just over 1,000 clients to 4,500 today. He has a background in software, management and financial management – he is a trusted advisor to me. Some of his accomplishments are implementing and managing budgets, annual Business Plans, and organizing semi-annual, off-site, company-wide strategic planning meetings. We have been profitable for several years, and will continue to use Mr. Waggoner’s financial consulting.” Ora Goldman, Founder and President, Mekorma Enterprises, Inc.

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